Saturday, August 12, 2017

Back to School and Your Child's Social Media!

It's Back to School time around the country, in our area districts have been going back since July 31st. With kids going back to school comes new connections on social media. Different ages are on different platforms, know where your child hangs out on social media. Check up on them, be engaging on your child's social media platforms. 
Know about the vaults that hold secret photos and more, this is especially important for the high school age groups- so much happens on social media. Is your child sending or receiving nude photo's? Just the other day at lunch with my teenage son and a few of his friends they were telling me of girls on Instagram looking for people to send nudes to. Come on!! Know what your child is doing! 
As parents we are raising our children to be respectful, productive members of society. We pay for their phones and the service they have so it is our right to "browse" and see what they are doing online. Colleges search online and so do potential employers. Educate your children about the good and bad of putting everything out on social media. 

Stay Safe and Stay Social, 
Tracy Taylor 
Social Media Girl
TNT Marketing Corp. 

Where Business and Social Collide 

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