Friday, May 13, 2016

8 Reason's Why You Should Be Using Twitter For Your Business-

Twitter started in 2006 and since has expanded to 200 million users and 1.6 billion searches per day. It’s an ideal social media tool for business owners to connect with their customers in real-time, a huge asset to customer satisfaction.
However, many business owners find Twitter to be somewhat complex when first approached. Twitter also has etiquette and best practices far different than that of Facebook and LinkedIn which often leaves business owners perplexed and overwhelmed. But with a little practice and effort, Twitter can be a very effective business marketing tool for the 8 reasons outlined below.

1. Customer Service

Customers sometimes just want a quick question answered immediately….Twitter is the perfect platform for this. If the issue or question can be asked within 140 characters or less, typically it can be answered and diffused in 140 characters or less. 

2. Reputation Management

Twitter allows you to easily monitor the sentiment surrounding your brand, it’s products and services. From here you can either thank the person who was singing your praises or intervene and attempt to make a dissatisfied customer happy again, thereby creating customer retention, another major benefit of Twitter

3. Lead Generation

Twitter is an easy platform to share any value-based information such as your company’s blog posts, eBooks and webinars, all essential inbound marketing content that will make your brand stand out from the crowd and appear as an industry expert. If you are using Twitter as a lead generation tool, make sure you are using landing pages that can capture a lead’s information before allowing access to the content. 

4. Market Intelligence and Research

Twitter is a great way to gain insight from your customers quickly. Curious how your customers would like to receive sales promotional information, text or email? Ask them on Twitter. Would your customers prefer a downloadable coupon they can print off or a coupon code to be used in a shopping cart, or both? Ask them on Twitter.

5. Competitive Research

Twitter data is open to everyone by default and most companies who market on Twitter do not protect their tweets, so Twitter is ideal for monitoring your competition. Use a third party application such as Hootsuite to set up a stream and monitor keywords and mentions of your competition. 

6. Keyword Phrase Opportunities

Another great way to engage with a targeted audience is to use the advanced search option and locate tweets via keyword phrases for a unique opportunity to reach out to people who would benefit from your product or service. For example, if someone tweets, “looking for a plumber” and your business is plumbing, you can monitor these keyword phrases in tweets via a 3rd party software and intervene. 

7. Promote Other Social Networks

If you are having a sweepstakes on Facebook, share it on Twitter. If you just updated your company profile on LinkedIn, share it on Twitter. If you have strong engagement on a status update you posted to Facebook, share this on Twitter and encourage your followers to post their opinion. Cross promoting other sites allows your followers to get to know you better on your other networks as well and increase brand awareness. 

8. Personalize Your Brand

Probably one of the most valuable reasons to use Twitter is it allows your brand to have a personality. People want to connect with people, not businesses. Your Twitter voice should be genuine and likable. If you accomplish this, you will create long-lasting customers who will likely become brand advocates.
Share a photo of your smiling co-worker, share an image of your trade show booth, ask a question that elicits an opinion from your followers, promote an offer exclusive to your followers, share a compelling quote and why you like it, get excited for the launch of your new product, re-tweet a customer’s kind comment about your brand and thank them, engage in conversations around your niche, share a video of your most recent conference event. This is the real power behind social media marketing and Twitter; you become relatable, valuable and inspire others to buy your products and services. 
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Monday, May 9, 2016

The #1 benefit to having a business facebook page --- BRANDING!!

When talking to potential clients who are not currently using Facebook as a social media platform for their business I always get asked, How can Facebook really help me by having a business page? 
There are lots of reasons it can help you but the #1 reason is BRANDING!! 

Build Brand Loyalty
Besides being a place to build a customer base and sell products, a Facebook business page can do wonders for helping you build brand loyalty.
What exactly does that mean?
Well, if you consistently provide valuable and entertaining content, your followers will stay loyal -- even when you make mistakes.
These days, people look online to find businesses to buy from -- and they predominately search social media.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Location. Location. Location.

Location is a powerful thing for businesses. How you are listed online is crucial to your marketing, inbound phone calls and more.
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