Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Few Facts Business Owners Need To Know About Social Media:

Yesterday I had a lengthy conversation with a business owner about what I do with client's social media accounts. There is a lot of in the background work that goes into the management side to social media accounts.
We discussed some key points most business owners do not know, this prompted this blog post.

31% of website referrals come from social media.
Business to Business Likes do not count in your "likes" count.
If you are not active in posting the 80/20 rule less of your fans see your posts.
Everyone's Facebook news feed is not the same, people see your posts all through out the day.
People tune into social media like the news... different times in the day.
Google now uses the information in your social media profiles in google searches.
If you have non-active profiles you are hurting your business online reputation.
Adding your website one special way to your Linkedin account will increase your website traffic from Linkedin up to 40%.

Stay Social....
"The Social Media Girl"
TNT Marketing