Thursday, October 29, 2015

7 Holiday Marketing Tips from TNT Marketing:

Holiday Marketing is important... Here are our top 7 tips why.....
1. Repetition Is Your Friend!
When we are doing our advertising and marketing, we always want to remember that repetition is
our friend. The more and more ads people see, the more they are blocking them out of their mind.
Have you ever been watching television (the kind that still has advertisements) and been like, “ohhh
nice! I’ve been wanting one of those!”? You think you’ve just got the idea in your head, but you might
not realize you’ve seen that commercial ten times already. You want to use repetition to your
2. Give Time-Limited Offers
If you look back over your own buying patterns, you may notice that you’ve purchased because of a
deadline or an added bonus that you will get if you - GET IT NOW! Even if you aren’t like that, most
people are. Give an extra 10% off or throw in an extra service with your original service.
3. Highlight Why To Buy From You
Out of all of the stores in the world, they walked into yours and why should they buy? This can be a
virtual store, so don’t think we are just referring to brick and mortar. You have to have real reasons
why people should buy from you. Are you giving them a better price? Better service? Do you
contribute to a cause they care about? Get creative!
4. Market to a Highly Targeted Market
One of the biggest mistakes people make these days is that they are marketing to “everyone”, but the
truth is that they aren’t really marketing to anyone! If you create your ideal client you are going to be
able to speak in their language and provide them massive value.
5. Create Loyalty Rewards
You don’t have to be fancy with this and cause a lot of extra expense in your business. Get some
punch cards set up and give people rewards when they do repeat business with you. You could also
do virtual punch cards and loyalty programs. Anything that gives people a reward for continuing to do
business with you is going to increase their comebacks.
6. Use Social Media to Get the Word Out
Do the words “dinosaur” and “black and white tv” come to mind when you look at your current
marketing plan? If so, you probably are not using social media to get the word out about your holiday
campaigns. To put it simply, if you are not on social then you are missing out on hundreds if not
thousands of potential clients! If you don’t want to jump in yourself then hire a professional to help
7. Measure and Adjust
Don’t just throw money at your marketing and not track your metrics! That is throwing valuable
research down the drain. Track everything from how many views you have, what your cpc, cpm and
conversion rate are and that is just to name a few. Don’t get overwhelmed. There is help!
We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and we wish you a very merry and PROFITABLE holiday season

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Social Media Simplified Inner Circle!

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Stay Social! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Connections Through Social Media:

So, you are on social media for your business. You make connections, comment some and then you have no idea why you do this on a daily basis. I received a compliment this morning that a connection I helped make and grow has come into a business agreement where the profits will be in the $75,000 range. 
This contact/business would not have happened if it weren't for the connections made through social media. 
If you have social media accounts and are not using them properly you could be doing a major dis-service to yourself and your business. Connect, Communicate, Share and Engage on social media, It is about the relationships... build them and watch what happens.  
One of the services we offer is social media coaching and consulting, How may we help you? 
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