Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Social Boom Part 2- Social Media Simplified.

Attending Social Boom 2015 gave many in the audience a boost in confidence.  Ideas and true performance was shared. Many of us can get back to the office and WOW our clients even more now. We can offer additional services and increase engagement.
A few tips to help you keep it simple:
Bigger is not always better, grow for quality.
Build relationships through social media.
Blog often.
Do webinars for your business.
Share what problems your business solves.
Pinterest is not a social community, it is a bookmark.

Attract, Sell, WOW your clients.

Social Media Simplified,
TNT Marketing with Tracy Taylor

Monday, September 21, 2015

Increase Your Website Traffic From Linkedin Today!

This weekend at Social Boom was amazing! I was in a room with 300+ people just like me! Crazy about social media marketing. We came together to learn how to increase our business and provide more for each of our clients. New business relationships were made. This morning I have already implemented one thing that will give my clients an increase in their website traffic from Linkedin by at least 20%. 
Where does most of your website traffic come from? Would you like to increase the traffic? 
What solutions does your business provide? Are you marketing this well, How are you promoting your solutions? 
TNT Marketing with Tracy Taylor can implement strategies for you to increase your business awareness on social media. Businesses with a social media presence stay more connected to their clients and create a lifetime income source. Social Media is now responsible for 31% of website referral traffic, How may we help you today? 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Social Boom 2015 Part 1

Social Boom 2015 in Chicago this weekend is beyond amazing! We have been blessed to receive more information that can help our businesses grow than we could have ever imagined.
Not here with us? Let me share a few things with you tonight and more on Monday after I get back to the office....
Bigger isn't always better. Build a list, Build Relationships. Social Media is about relationships.
5 Components to Social Selling:
Content, Engagement, Tribe, Traffic and Conversion.
Pinterest.... is not a social community, it's a bookmark.

More to come on Monday.....

Stay Social,

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

TNT Marketing's Three Amazing Services:

TNT Marketing offers Three Amazing Services:
Social Media Concierge
Social Media Coaching & Consulting
Live Event Social Media Coverage