Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Few Facts Business Owners Need To Know About Social Media:

Yesterday I had a lengthy conversation with a business owner about what I do with client's social media accounts. There is a lot of in the background work that goes into the management side to social media accounts.
We discussed some key points most business owners do not know, this prompted this blog post.

31% of website referrals come from social media.
Business to Business Likes do not count in your "likes" count.
If you are not active in posting the 80/20 rule less of your fans see your posts.
Everyone's Facebook news feed is not the same, people see your posts all through out the day.
People tune into social media like the news... different times in the day.
Google now uses the information in your social media profiles in google searches.
If you have non-active profiles you are hurting your business online reputation.
Adding your website one special way to your Linkedin account will increase your website traffic from Linkedin up to 40%.

Stay Social....
"The Social Media Girl"
TNT Marketing

Monday, November 30, 2015

Stand Out- Stand Up... Or Delete...

Today I was visiting some local businesses to introducing myself and my business, TNT Marketing. I heard several times "I have social media pages but I quit updating them" Reason? They get bored, they don't have time, and more. The fact is having social media profiles and not using them is damaging to your business. Google now pulls from your social media profiles for Google searches. So, stand up, stand out or delete your profiles. Don't have a profile page if you are not going to update it daily. 
If you are intimidated by Social Media reach out to someone who is not and benefit your business. Great connections and business growth happen via social media marketing and promoting every single day. 
BOOM! Into Social Media with TNT Marketing- or 865-809-5989

Friday, November 27, 2015

7 Tips For NEW Social Media Business Owners:

Many businesses have little or no experience with social media. Some even use it without purpose. Here are 7 tips that may help you take the plunge into social media for your business.

1- Develop a Social Media Marketing Plan. Start with your objectives and introduce your business. Mission Statement.

2- Start from the Inside Out. What is your communication strategy for Social Media? How will you engage your audience? Can you respond right away to comments or concerns?

3- All or Nothing. Like a marriage or any relationship for that matter that you want to work, social media marketing is most effective when you are committed to it. You either give it everything or don't bother even turning the switch on. If you go half-heartedly you will actually do more harm than good.

4- Build your Community. This is a big social media challenge, Learn programs and have a roadmap in place to gain followers daily.

5- Develop a Process. One of the biggest complaints  hear on a daily basis from business owners is "I don't have time" You need at least 30 minutes morning, afternoon and evening to push content to your audience. Multiple times day presence so you are consistent with your community.

6- Have Content Strategy in Mind. Use this rule of thumb for content- 1)product/service, 2)industry, 3)topical, 4)lifestyle. Try and be keyword specific in posts.

7- Don't cut your Advertising. Social Media is not a means of relaxing your advertising but rather enhancing it. It is most effective when working hand in hand with traditional advertising.

TNT Marketing 

Monday, November 16, 2015

You Really Need Social Media This Holiday Season... Here Are 4 Reason's Why-

So let’s talk about how using social media’s going to make a difference in your  marketing campaign this holiday season. More than 40 percent of U.S. consumers in the Harris Poll 2015 Holiday Research Study say that social media is somewhat/very helpful in making holiday shopping decisions, while 56 percent expect retailers to use past purchase and behavioral data to make their in-store or online shopping more convenient. This means people are not only looking to Facebook, Twitter, etc., for holiday shopping ideas and insights, but they are also expecting businesses to make their shopping experience easier for them. And this is where social media comes into play. Best-selling digital leadership author and keynote speaker Erik Qualman stated in his video series #Socialnomics 2014 that 93 percent of shoppers’ buying decisions are influenced by social media. This goes to show just how valuable social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram can be when effectively integrated into omni-channel marketing campaigns, especially during the holiday season. 
When leveraged effectively, social media will: Establish Product Credibility  As you probably already know, building credibility is critical to the success of your product. Your goal should be to get people talking positively about your product and your company online. The sooner you gain social proof—get people to start endorsing your product through positive comments on your Facebook page, giving testimonials using product hashtags, snapping product photos on Instagram, etc.—the sooner more people will start believing in your product. From there, you can incorporate social proof into your product website to give more visibility to what your customers are saying about your product, furthering its credibility. 
According to Erik Qualman, 90 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations. Social proof really is a powerful thing. Serve as a Great Customer Service Pipeline Social media platforms are some of the best places to gather customer feedback on products. Customers not only want to be included in product conversations about what’s working and what not, they demand it. Social listening—or paying attention to what your social media audiences are saying—will ultimately help you refine your product so that you can offer existing and potential customers what they truly want this Christmas Offer Very Accurate Targeting Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest tend to have the best targeting abilities when it comes to digital media buying. While TV stations can provide information about the demographics they reach, platforms like Facebook allow you to provide granular details about the audiences you’d like to put your product in front of, which can make targeting easier and more efficient. 
Bolsters Offline Media Channels It’s key that all of the media channels you’re leveraging in your  campaign work with each other, including social media. Cross-channel promotion provides customers multiple ways to be exposed to and interact with your product. 
More importantly, social media grants businesses perpetual access to customer insight, giving you a better understanding of how you can effectively talk to your target audiences through all channels. It’s time to start taking advantage of social media in your  marketing campaign this holiday shopping season. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Non-Profits: Use Social Media To Increase Awareness

Here are 5 tips on how to use social media for nonprofits

Tip #1: The story should be about the people, not the organization

“We need to stop talking about me, me, me, and start talking about them, the donors,” says Mark. This connects back to your nonprofit’s story being about your donors and not just the organization. When you make your donors feel like they’re providing value and their contributions are included in the overall story, your fundraiser campaigns will have a better impact and resonate better on social media.

Tip #2: Have internal “buy-in”

Allow your team(s) to get on social media, where they can help spread awareness. Even if they make mistakes, having firsthand experience on social channels will allow your team to learn valuable lessons about communicating on social networks. Doing this allows you to make sure you’ve hired a team that believes and actively participates in your cause, as well as increase the reach of your campaigns.

Tip #3: Don’t force passion—be passionate

Being authentic on social media is extremely important to your brand’s social media presence. For nonprofits, this extends to being genuinely passionate about your cause. This is how you can truly get others to be passionate about your cause, too, and drive participation. “If you are passionately ‘giving’ on social media, you should also be getting the same in return,” says Nick about how being passionate about your cause can provide your nonprofit organization with great returns.

Tip #4: Go beyond the numbers

For nonprofits, the success goes beyond the numbers found in analytics—it is about the end results. For example, ask yourself: are people actually donating canned goods? Are they participating in your challenge to raise awareness (think ice bucket challenge)? Answers to these questions will help you figure out whether you’ve changed people’s perception about your cause.

Tip #5: Create evangelists

When engaging on social media, use it to make friends, so you can create evangelists. Evangelists share your passion for the same cause, and if they feel that the work of your nonprofit organization aligns with their values, they help spread the word to their networks. The beauty with social media is that it provides you the opportunity to reach out to people on a personal level. Don’t be afraid to reach out to influencers to support your cause through social media.
Contact Us to learn more: 

Friday, November 13, 2015

10 Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS Social Media Marketing!

Welcome to our 10 Reasons Your Business Needs Social
Media Marketing! We are here to create lifetime clients,
maintain a personal and business connection with all
clients and to deliver the total customer service
Contact Us by going to

1. Increase Your Strengths
Do you have areas where you are very strong? Those are the areas you want to focus on. The only
thing you can build on is strength. You need to be functional in all areas, but you build on strength. If
you’re really good at customer engagement then social media can help you get even better. If you’re
great a running sales and converting clients then you can get better in that area!
2. Get to Know Your Customers
The better you know your customers, the more you can serve them. The more you can serve them,
the more profit you can make. How do you get to know your customers? Pretend like you are on a
date. (If you were/are good at dating!) You would ask questions, pay attention to responses, etc. You
want to do the same thing on social media.
3. Stay in the Running
If you aren’t utilizing social then you are becoming irrelevant. People want to follow their favorite
brands and businesses on social media. They want to keep up on what is going on and I can guarantee
you that they aren’t going to the newspaper to find that kind of thing out.
4. Improve Your Customer Service & Communication
When you know what your customers are thinking and what they want, you are able to improve your
customer service. You will be able to speak in their language and show them that you can. It is so
much easier to sell a current customer than to persuade a new client to do business with you so don’t
forget about the people that have already spent money with you.
5. Social Media Marketing Can Fit Your Budget
You don’t have a big budget to spend on television or pay per click advertising? No problem. Social
media is much more cost effective than those methods. You can then use the profits that you gain
from social media to play around in those areas, but start small and see what happens. You may be
surprised at the power of social media marketing!
6. Your Ideal Clients Hangout There
Have you ever heard that you should go to a “target rich environment”? Well, that is exactly what
social media is. It is a target rich environment. Not only can you put content out there to the world,
but you can actually target people in the exact demographic that you need for your business to thrive!
7. Helps You Build Trust and Relationships
Have you ever researched a business to check out their facebook page or other social media and it
looked like a ghost town? Did you feel confident in buying from them? I’m going to guess that you
didn’t! When you have a well maintained and informative social media campaign up and running, you
are going to build trust and convert customers at a higher level.
8. Helps You With Branding
Your brand is your story. You are romancing your clients. You want them to fall in love with you. Your
website is like the first date (a little formal and possibly awkward because of the one way
communication at times) and your social media is like the nights that you hangout to eat pizza and
watch a movie. You’re really getting to know each other. What do you think would happen if you
skipped this step and went right to the proposal? They might just say no.
9. Allows You to Standout
If your “competition” does not have a rockin’ social media presence, you can literally annihilate them
in this area. Don’t skimp on this because even if you do have people in your niche and marketplace on
social media, it is usually very lax and not impressive at all.
10. You Can Play with the Big Boys/Girls
Let’s say there are big “players” in your market. Maybe you are a business coach, speaker, electrician,
politician, etc. You have great ideas, great services, great ability to service, but you’re the “new
guy/girl” or “little guy/girl”. Social media let’s you play in the big leagues without breaking your
We hope you’ve enjoyed these 10 reasons that your business needs social media marketing and we
look forward to working with you.
Be Social,

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Instagram and Snapchat for Teens:

From the source.... 5 reasons teens prefer instagram and snapchat over facebook:
1- accessibility- less navigation, instant posting
2- snapchat is only active for 24 hours
3- instagram and snapchat are less storytelling and more day to day. Less family oriented- more kids only.
4- Instagram Edits
5- Snapchat filters and geotags

Your Personal Facebook Page Matters:

This week at a networking event I gave a small talk about your personal Facebook page matters. How you represent yourself, your business and your position on your personal Facebook page matters. Your character, your reputation, your attitude and more stand out. What you share/post could be affecting you gaining new clients, sales and referrals.
People see and pay attention to your posts, someone may not say anything but this is a direct reflection to your network. How do you want people to know how you will treat their referrals and how you will be to your clients?
How are you representing yourself each day?

~Tracy Taylor
Your Social Media Concierge

Thursday, October 29, 2015

7 Holiday Marketing Tips from TNT Marketing:

Holiday Marketing is important... Here are our top 7 tips why.....
1. Repetition Is Your Friend!
When we are doing our advertising and marketing, we always want to remember that repetition is
our friend. The more and more ads people see, the more they are blocking them out of their mind.
Have you ever been watching television (the kind that still has advertisements) and been like, “ohhh
nice! I’ve been wanting one of those!”? You think you’ve just got the idea in your head, but you might
not realize you’ve seen that commercial ten times already. You want to use repetition to your
2. Give Time-Limited Offers
If you look back over your own buying patterns, you may notice that you’ve purchased because of a
deadline or an added bonus that you will get if you - GET IT NOW! Even if you aren’t like that, most
people are. Give an extra 10% off or throw in an extra service with your original service.
3. Highlight Why To Buy From You
Out of all of the stores in the world, they walked into yours and why should they buy? This can be a
virtual store, so don’t think we are just referring to brick and mortar. You have to have real reasons
why people should buy from you. Are you giving them a better price? Better service? Do you
contribute to a cause they care about? Get creative!
4. Market to a Highly Targeted Market
One of the biggest mistakes people make these days is that they are marketing to “everyone”, but the
truth is that they aren’t really marketing to anyone! If you create your ideal client you are going to be
able to speak in their language and provide them massive value.
5. Create Loyalty Rewards
You don’t have to be fancy with this and cause a lot of extra expense in your business. Get some
punch cards set up and give people rewards when they do repeat business with you. You could also
do virtual punch cards and loyalty programs. Anything that gives people a reward for continuing to do
business with you is going to increase their comebacks.
6. Use Social Media to Get the Word Out
Do the words “dinosaur” and “black and white tv” come to mind when you look at your current
marketing plan? If so, you probably are not using social media to get the word out about your holiday
campaigns. To put it simply, if you are not on social then you are missing out on hundreds if not
thousands of potential clients! If you don’t want to jump in yourself then hire a professional to help
7. Measure and Adjust
Don’t just throw money at your marketing and not track your metrics! That is throwing valuable
research down the drain. Track everything from how many views you have, what your cpc, cpm and
conversion rate are and that is just to name a few. Don’t get overwhelmed. There is help!
We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and we wish you a very merry and PROFITABLE holiday season

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Social Media Simplified Inner Circle!

We have a new inner circle to share with you.... 
Social Media Simplified Inner Circle! $1 until the end of October, $9 for months November and December and then just $34 a month after.... Learn tips and tricks to increase your engagement and have a 30 minute session with Tracy on the first Wednesday of every month in the circle. Make new friends! 
Join our new community today, email Tracy personally to get started-

Stay Social! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Connections Through Social Media:

So, you are on social media for your business. You make connections, comment some and then you have no idea why you do this on a daily basis. I received a compliment this morning that a connection I helped make and grow has come into a business agreement where the profits will be in the $75,000 range. 
This contact/business would not have happened if it weren't for the connections made through social media. 
If you have social media accounts and are not using them properly you could be doing a major dis-service to yourself and your business. Connect, Communicate, Share and Engage on social media, It is about the relationships... build them and watch what happens.  
One of the services we offer is social media coaching and consulting, How may we help you? 
Connect with us to see more daily tips-

Email Tracy personally/directly-

Contact us by phone/text- 865-809-5989 

Stay Social, 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Social Boom Part 2- Social Media Simplified.

Attending Social Boom 2015 gave many in the audience a boost in confidence.  Ideas and true performance was shared. Many of us can get back to the office and WOW our clients even more now. We can offer additional services and increase engagement.
A few tips to help you keep it simple:
Bigger is not always better, grow for quality.
Build relationships through social media.
Blog often.
Do webinars for your business.
Share what problems your business solves.
Pinterest is not a social community, it is a bookmark.

Attract, Sell, WOW your clients.

Social Media Simplified,
TNT Marketing with Tracy Taylor

Monday, September 21, 2015

Increase Your Website Traffic From Linkedin Today!

This weekend at Social Boom was amazing! I was in a room with 300+ people just like me! Crazy about social media marketing. We came together to learn how to increase our business and provide more for each of our clients. New business relationships were made. This morning I have already implemented one thing that will give my clients an increase in their website traffic from Linkedin by at least 20%. 
Where does most of your website traffic come from? Would you like to increase the traffic? 
What solutions does your business provide? Are you marketing this well, How are you promoting your solutions? 
TNT Marketing with Tracy Taylor can implement strategies for you to increase your business awareness on social media. Businesses with a social media presence stay more connected to their clients and create a lifetime income source. Social Media is now responsible for 31% of website referral traffic, How may we help you today? 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Social Boom 2015 Part 1

Social Boom 2015 in Chicago this weekend is beyond amazing! We have been blessed to receive more information that can help our businesses grow than we could have ever imagined.
Not here with us? Let me share a few things with you tonight and more on Monday after I get back to the office....
Bigger isn't always better. Build a list, Build Relationships. Social Media is about relationships.
5 Components to Social Selling:
Content, Engagement, Tribe, Traffic and Conversion.
Pinterest.... is not a social community, it's a bookmark.

More to come on Monday.....

Stay Social,

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

TNT Marketing's Three Amazing Services:

TNT Marketing offers Three Amazing Services:
Social Media Concierge
Social Media Coaching & Consulting
Live Event Social Media Coverage

Monday, August 24, 2015

Full Service Social Media Management for your business.

Social Media Management Concierge Services, Social Media Coaching, Live Event Social Media Coverage. 
We bring your Social Media vision to life.
Phone/Text- 865-809-5989

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Social Media Concierge:

A concierge can take the guesswork out of social media. 
TNT Marketing with Tracy Taylor
Your Social Media Concierge 
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Monday, July 27, 2015

Live Social Media Event Coverage:

Are you hosting or speaking at an event this year? Would you like to have social media coverage of your content? TNT Marketing has Live Social Media coverage packages.
Contact us today for your custom quote-  #SocialMediaConcierge

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Outsourcing Could Mean Less Time and Money Spent:

TNT Marketing

Outsourcing Could Mean Less Time and Money Spent:
Social Media Marketing is no longer an option but necessary for every on-line or offline business. Social media networks are part of our everyday life and for on-line businesses (or websites) it is a great way to:
  • Quickly spread the word about a product or service
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Find new customers
  • Engage with prospect and current customers
  • Create a community about your product or service
  • Advertise your products or services


Monday, July 13, 2015

Is MOLD Dangerous? By Mold doctors USA

Is Mold Dangerous

Mold is considered to be an extremely small, dangerous element that belongs to the family of fungi. It can thrive on almost any surface especially cellulose-based objects.
They are present almost everywhere. Though they may be harmful at times, molds are considered a big part of the ecological balance in the community; they play a major role in breaking down organic substances in the environment.
According to some recent studies, approximately 50 percent of homes are inflicted with unknown moisture dilemmas. And as we all know molds thrive best in moist places. Acute exposure not lasting more than a day may lead to normal allergic reactions.  but chronic exposure in your home may lead to : bronchitis, pneumonia, pulmonary edema, chronic pneumonitis and some studies suggest cancer but no proof has been given.

Moldy Corner
And to a large extent, all indoor mold growth is potentially harmful and should be removed promptly, no matter what types of mold are present or whether they can produce toxins.

Monday, July 6, 2015

3 Key Secrets to Living The Life You Want. By: Sue Falcone

Do you know the 3 Key Secrets to living the life you want? Take a minute, challenge yourself, and see what you come up with!  I would love to hear your comments!
Recently I was asked to speak to an awesome group of high school sophomores and juniors who were graduating from a 2 year program of service sponsored by their local Chamber of Commerce! They had learned and demonstrated great skills and abilities, and had served their community well! My outcome was to motivate them into their successful futures and help them continue this experience of service into their daily lives, in 30 minutes or less!
Normally I am booking other speakers instead of myself;  but this was an honor and a joy to do! I had met a lot of these students, and it would help keep me connected to what I promote; and be a great experience of seeing how the 6 Generations in the Workplace communicate with each other!
I knew I had just seconds to get them involved. My first words were to give them permission to Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Snapchat, and take notes on any device they chose!  They agreed to keep their ring tones down, so I wouldn’t want to stop and listen to their music!
I gave them the challenge as I did to you, to share what they thought the 3 key secrets are!  They had great points and ended up complimenting what I had in mind all along!
Here are the what we found are the 3 Key Secrets to living the life you want, and how to live them out loud every day!
  1. Know Who You Are- I’m talking about the “real” you when no one is looking! This is key because it will help you avoid comparing yourself to others, and help you develop your strengths rather than wasting time working to improve your weaknesses! How do you know the “real” you? By accepting, loving, and believing in yourself without wishing to be someone else. Learn to not let your “imperfections” (and we all have them) become your identity! Learn to be comfortable in your own skin and in turn it will help others be comfortable with you and overlook everything else!
  2. Have a Positive Attitude- Your mind is a funny thing, isn’t it? What you put in it is what you become. Having a positive attitude is a choice, and begins the moment you wake up each day! How is it possible to keep a positive attitude in this negative world? It’s important to choose the right things to read, what you view on TV and YouTube, and how you see yourself as a valuable person. Fear, doubt, worry, and discouragement are all around, but positive information and faith will guide you in overcoming the negative and face life with a smile and seek solutions and not excuses!
  3. Choose Carefully Who You Surround Yourself With- Jim Rohn says: “You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”  If this is true, isn’t it worth making sure you make the right choices of whom you spend your time with? Right now as you read this think of the 5 people you spend the most time with! Are they positive and uplifting? Do they know who “they” are? Do they build you and others up, not down? Is it possible you might need to make some changes?
See how these fit together in the daily adventure of life? To have a life you want means to share, care, volunteer, and serve. It’s not about you at all! You are already unique and special, you need to keep focused on knowing and living who you really are, keeping a positive attitude, and surrounding yourself with the right people!
Amazingly I saw these students and others writing down what I was sharing, and afterwards they were still talking more about their how’s and what they planned to do in their lives! I saw the future of our nation, future leaders, and future families represented there, and I am so thankful their parents, friends, and community leaders got to see it too!
I left there with a renewed heart, mind, body, and soul, ready to face my world of choices!  Are you ready to begin a new day of living your life out loud knowing the 3 Key Secrets that will make it happen?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Make The Relationship Matter. By: Marcia Whyte

Many people in business would be surprised to discover that, despite every company’s claims of giving great customer service, that alone is no longer enough!  That’s right … it’s not enough!  Consumers and other businesses that are on your client roster [rightfully] expect that you will be available to answer questions, advise them of upcoming sales/specials on your goods and services and make sure no glitches occur (or at least  get them fixed expeditiously).  But that’s just like paying the minimum on your credit card bills – the least of what you are obligated to do.  Rarely do we stop to realize that our customers are people … just like us … who deserve to be celebrated and appreciated without any hidden agenda other than to stay in a good relationship with them because they matters to us for the person(s) they are. 
According to both the SBA and the US Chamber of Commerce, 68% of customers stop doing business with companies because of perceived indifference … in other words, they don’t feel like they’re anything more than a business transaction to you.  Certainly there are other reasons but that percentage is too high to go unnoticed, especially when it can easily be changed.   
There is a way to distinguish yourself from the pack:  reach out to them via Relationship Marketing.  Celebrate them; be known as someone who truly cares:  send them cards honoring your relationship and keep in touch with them so you can acknowledge occasions that hold significance to them.  Cards:  birthday; thank you for your business/referral; congrats on the new office or promotion; holidays, etc., sent on a regular basis, will endear you and solidify the human relationship, which is far more important than the business aspect.  People [continue to] do business with those they know, like and trust and if you reach out to them, authentically, the chances of you having career-long clients/referral sources and lifelong friends greatly increases. 
Always remember that no matter who signs the check or the contract and uses our goods/services, they are people with thoughts, feelings, birthdays, anniversaries and long memories … make sure they always have a pleasant one of you!
This practice has served me well in the 12+ years I have been a sales professional.  I am passionate about it.  Reach out to me to discuss it more!

Marcia Whyte
(865) 382-7175

Twitter: @tsigirl

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Social Media in a NOW World.

We live in a NOW, LIVE world. Your target audience wants to know NOW what is going on.

 Social Media can be a great avenue for increasing marketing efforts into daily activity, building relationships with your connections is key…. build them and see what happens.
A few things to reflect on about your marketing and social media….

Does your website and social media define who you are? Do your posts reflect what your company does? Are you active enough on social media (4-6 posts a day) to build relationships that can grow your business?

TNT Marketing

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

pssst.... Social Media.....

Social Media....

Is responsible for 31% of website referral traffic.

Is the new cold call.

Is how you connect past the sale with your customers.

Is a must for every business owner today.

Your competition is already there... You should be too!

TNT Marketing 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Massive Action - Consistency - GO! By: Jessica Lauren Vine

In my years of being a business owner one of the things I have noticed is what I am addicted to massive action. I can’t sleep or think about anything else whenever I have my eye on a prize. It just keeps running through my head over and over again until I make it happen! I learned… that’s called drive. lol

Massive action is extremely important when you want to get a project off the ground. Anything that you put a great deal of energy into people are going to get excited about with you. If you don’t have a sense of urgency… no one else will either!! Why should they?

Consistency is the other important factor in being successful. While you may not be able to keep up a massive plan of action for a long period of time, it is important that you would keep doing at least a little bit every day. This is going to allow for a positive snowball effect! Don’t believe me? Just try it and you’ll be happily surprised.

Don’t try to iron everything out and make it all perfect. Act, fail, act, fail… succeed… :0) You got this.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Firework Viewing Safety from Hansen Steamway

Firework Viewing Safety

The National Council of Fireworks Safety recommends public fireworks displays as a safe alternative to using fireworks yourself. Although you are not handling and lighting the fireworks, there are some safety precautions you should take when attending a public display.
Spectators should obey all show personnel and respect all safety barriers set up in the area. The best viewing locations are a quarter of a mile or more away. Attempting to get close to the firing area with the hopes of seeing a better show will actually decrease your chance of enjoying the action.
Although it is rare, occasionally a firework component may fall to the ground without exploding. These materials should never be touched. If you come across any firework or portion of one, notify law enforcement or fire personnel immediately.
If you are headed out to a fireworks show and think your dog might enjoy it too, think again. Pets have very sensitive ears and the noise from a fireworks display can be quite uncomfortable for them. They will be much happier safe at home.
Finally, don’t bring your own fireworks to a public display. Sparklers, fountains, and other items are dangerous when handled and detonated when a crowd is present. You’ll find plenty of excitement by just watching the show.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ranking Your Website. By- Dean Lewis

Ranking Your Website

Today it is almost a requirement that a small business have a website and social media platform. Customers have come to expect shops they frequent to be active on the Internet. However; the average small business spends time and effort on these activities with little financial return.

For this article, we will limit ourselves to the website because there are numerous articles on this Blog covering Social Media. The average small business website gets around twelve visitors a day. Let’s examine why that is: We have taken eight studies conducted over the last couple of years and averaged their results to obtain an accurate view of click through rates in organic search results (organic search: search results which are not paid advertisements).

You may have read in the past that if your website doesn't rank in the first three positions for a target keyword, it really will not get traffic. Here are the averaged, actual click through rates for those positions:
1.    29.59%
2.    13.1%
3.    9.3%
As you can see, only three websites will account for over half of all clicks in search. In fact, the first five positions will get about ⅔ of all clicks! Obviously, if your site is not in this group you will not get the traffic and cannot earn money online.

The next question must be how do search engines decide which sites to put in the places. The single most important factor on deciding search result rank is backlinks. A backlink is a link coming from another website into your site.

Perhaps an example is in order. Let’s pretend that the CDC in Atlanta releases an important Whitepaper on cancer. It stands to reason that many research hospitals would reference this new work and link to it on their websites.

The search engines see the links going to the CDC page and understand that this is an important article and rank it first in the cancer keyword. Interesting, original work attracts backlinks and the search engines use this as the most important ranking signal in their algorithms.

You need to know that not all backlinks are created equal. Let’s take an example: you read on the TNT Marketing Blog that backlinks equal rank so you go over to Fiverr and buy a thousand backlinks for five dollars. You receive your backlinks and the deal is complete.

What happens next may come as a shock: instead of going up, you fall two pages! It turns out that the search engines are aware that some try to game the system. They carefully watch for unnatural links and penalize offenders.

As they say on TV, but wait, theres more! Not only did these links all show up on the same day, they are from low quality websites. It turns out that search engines look at a number of factors when deciding the quality (ranking value) of a backlink. So a low quality backlink from a spammy site (link farm) will actually destroy your ability to show up in the top three positions in search. Lets see that in a graph form:

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Could A Social Media Concierge Help You?

That moment you think of something great for your business social media and you don't have time to put it on profiles yourself what do you do?
TNT Marketing's clients send us a message and we do it for them right away.
How could a social media concierge help you?
Phone/Text- 865-809-5989

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why Active Social Media For Your Business?

Benefits You Get 
from Active Social Media Marketing:

  • higher search engine ranking for your site;
  • a great way to build recognizable branding for any products or services you want to promote;
  • more inbound links that point back to your official site;
  • more visibility and recognition for your business and services;
  • solid relationships with your clients, partners, vendors, and staff.


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Does The Thought Of Social Media Overwhelm You?

Does the thought of social media for your business overwhelm you? Social Media takes time, this can be an overwhelming thought to a business owner. TNT Marketing is here to help you, Contact us for coaching or consulting options for your business. 
Social Media takes time and is all about building relationships; build the relationships and watch what happens. 
TNT Marketing, bringing your business social media vision to life. 
#SocialMediaCoaching #SocialMediaConsulting #Concierge 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Social Media When You Are On Vacation--

It's almost Summer.... VACATION time... 
Who takes care of your Social Media when you are on vacation? 
TNT Marketing's Social Media Management Concierge program has you covered! Learn more today: 
Phone/Text- 865-809-5989

Charting Your Course To Profits Event, August 27, 2015

I am thrilled to be partnering with my business coach Tight Ship with Lisa Hall again for her next business conference in Knoxville, TN- Mark your calendar for August 27th, 2015- The Charting Your Course To Profits Event, August 27, 2015
We will be providing Live Social Media coverage and also presenting a 90 minute Social Media simplified breakout session! ‪#‎Business‬ ‪#‎Success‬

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Facebook is the # 1 social media platform. It has become a daily habit for billions.
Is your business there?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Compliance and Social Media:

What happens when you have compliance issues with social media? Our clients call us and we take care of it 100% for them, no worries! ‪#‎SocialMediaConcierge‬

Monday, April 6, 2015

Stand Up and Stand Out or Delete-

Today I was visiting some local businesses to introducing myself and my business, TNT Marketing. I heard several times "I have social media pages but I quit updating them" Reason? They get bored, they don't have time, and more. The fact is having social media profiles and not using them is damaging to your business. Google now pulls from your social media profiles for Google searches. So, stand up, stand out or delete your profiles. Don't have a profile page if you are not going to update it daily. 
If you are intimidated by Social Media reach out to someone who is not and benefit your business. Great connections and business growth happen via social media marketing and promoting every single day. 
Spring Into Social Media with TNT Marketing- or 865-809-5989

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What do we do in less than 60 seconds?

TNT Marketing: 
Social Media Management, Social Media Coaching and Social Media Consultant. 
Contact us today- Phone- 865-809-5989 or by Email-

Monday, March 30, 2015

Motivation Monday!

new choices, new chances, new opportunities! Create a great week day by day! smile emoticon

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Social Media Photo Tip:

Social Media Profile Photos are supper important. Have an updated photo a business photo. Your photo is how people vision meeting you at an event. I personally will not accept a request if the photo is not there or it does not look professional.
What is your personal brand? How do you want people to vision you? Make your photo count!
#SocialMediaManagement #SocialMediaConcierge

Monday, March 23, 2015

Connect. Communicate. Share Information.

To say that TNT Marketing loves social media is an understatement… Social Media is our passion! 
Tracy Taylor has been active on social media for over 10 years, fascinated by the changes and adapting to them she quickly learned how social media management can be a benefit to business owners. 

Using social media can not only generate new customer leads and enhance current customers’ views of businesses, but it also presents opportunities to make new business connections and establish partner networks! We offer 3 levels of social media concierge service plans- contact us today to learn more- email- or by phone- 865-809-5989
TNT Marketing is located in Seymour, Tennessee

Monday Motivation!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Don't build Links. Build Relationships.

Social Media is about Relationships..... Build them and watch what happens. #SMTip 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Social Media Marketing Among Business Owners-

More and more conversations are leading to social media among business owners. Social Media is a vital part of your business marketing plan. Our office offers coaching, consulting and management programs- contact us today so we can bring your business social media vision to life.‪#‎SocialMedia‬

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Don't Leave Hours on the Table:

If you only post on social media during "normal business hours" each week means you are leaving 6,680 hours and opportunities yearly to connect with your ideal clients. ‪#‎SocialMedia‬

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Social Media Is Daily, There Are 24 Hours In Every Day:

During conversations, in person, phone call or by email there is one thing I have heard... "I don't have time"
Social Media is a relationship, one that takes 7 days a week attention. You have to make posts, answer messages and be engaging with your community.... You have t be involved.
When talking about how many posts a day most people are shocked, keep in mind there are 24 hours in each day of the week to make your posts. If you have sm profiles it is more damaging to your business to not use them as to just delete them.
If you do not have time to embrace the social media relationship I suggest you hire someone or outsource this very important task for your business.
Social Media is an extension to your branding, it should be taken seriously.

Find the positive!

Sometimes we get situations we can not control. Last week we have had horrible weather. Im using this opportunity to reach clients by mail. I am an in person visitor but a quick mail wont hurt me.. Communication, Consistency and being Persistent has built this business... Some snow wont stop me now! 
Always find the positive and share it with others! #Positive #Success