Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Having lots of conversations this week with business owners who are new to social media I am hearing "I don't know about this Linkedin" 
Here is a small break down of how to get started on Linkedin- 

  • LinkedIn
    • Create a LinkedIn profile and add links to your website: Update your profile with new links, product reviews, books or articles that you are reading, or other information so that this information appears to all the people in your network.
    • Join LinkedIn groups that may be popular with many of your customers, and frequently post questions or comments related to the products or services you offer.
    • Ask your customers as well as vendors and other business associates in your network to provide a recommendation for you or your business in LinkedIn.
    • Add brochures, PDFs, SlideShare and PowerPoint presentations, and videos to your profile under the Summary section to provide interesting content that anyone viewing your profile can download or share.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Grow Your Brand with Social Media-

In the business world today, the use of social media is a great way to increase exposure and generate more traffic to your website. With the advancement of smart phones, touch pads and developing technology, the world is at your fingertips. If you aren’t using social media to update existing customers or to generate interest from potential clients, then you are missing out on a great chance to grow your brand. #SocialMediaConcierge tracy@tntmarketing.guru

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Your Business Message:

This week at group coaching we discussed business messaging…. Your message should continue to grow with your business…. Narrow your message to lessen your competition.
TNT Marketing- bringing your business social media marketing vision to life. #SocialMediaConcierge #Marketing
What is your business message?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Networking For Your Business:

Networking…. The power of networking…. I get and give referrals every week at networking events, How many events do you attend weekly? I attend 3 and am going to be a guest at another tomorrow. 
Networking creates word of mouth referrals!  #Networking #Referrals

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Investment in Social Media will Become a Necessity, not a Luxury

Investment in Social Media will Become a Necessity, not a Luxury
With 92% of business owners recently indicating that social media is important to their business (up from 86% in 2013), this prediction appears to be on track. 
Businesses are continuing to re-allocate budgets away from traditional methods of advertising towards social media and other inbound marketing strategies.
How can your business be more active on social media? Contact us today for your consultation and planning- tracy@tntmarketing.guru
#SocialMedia #Marketing

The Power of a Business Blog!

Does your business have Blog? 
- 81% of online readers trust bloggers
- 61% make purchases based on blogger recommendations
- 63% of consumers are influenced to purchase by bloggers
- 86% of influential people online are bloggers
Yet, most bloggers fail to get started. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Take Time for YOU!

Today was one of those mornings where my husband and I took a chance to be a little lazy… Being married to a Firefighter and Assistant Chief at our local Volunteer Department sometimes we need a few hours to rest and then take on the day. He had an early call and I got the dogs taken care of and then we decided to lay back down, almost 3 hours later we woke up. Take time for yourself. Rest is good and needed to keep the creative mind going! Listen to your body, if you need sleep then sleep… Wake recharged and ready to take on the day!
Happy Wednesday all, Have a GREAT day!!


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Vol Nation used Social Media to Checker Neyland!

Everyone knows the Taylor house is a house divided for SEC Football season, Hubby is all Vol for Tennessee and I am all Alabama Roll Tide! #GBO & #ROLLTIDE
I have to give credit to the Volunteers for today's game…. in just one week they checkered Neyland Stadium! 102,000+ fans came together through social media and made it happen!
If you have ever wondered about social media for your business this goes to show you the power- #VolNation #GBO

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tweet Tweet….. Twitter Tips!

Looking to increase your followers and connections on Twitter? There is a formula!
If you can remember the word CHARM you can simply increase your Twitter community! #Twitter #SocialMedia
Captivate Attention
Hook Emotions
Advance Trust
Radiate Desire
Motivate Action

Happy Tweeting!
TNT Marketing

PS) Tweet inspirational quotes… you will be retweeted very quickly.